Marina at Rockport LLC - Service and Repair
We can handle all of your service and repair needs at Rockport.  From major mechanical and engine overhauls and repairs, to pre and post season service, winterization, shrink wrapping. diagnostics and electrical, we are prepared to handle your needs.
Most service and repairs can be accommodated right here at the park, for major repairs, fiberglass and gel coat work, or even full restorations, we handle those at our satellite facility in the Salt Lake Valley.  No need to travel though, drop your bot here at the park to us and our staff will transport it to the valley, get it back into ship shape and bring it back to the park for you.  Don't tell anyone but we don't even charge for the transport, we don't want it to get out, we may get too busy.
When you are ready to put it away for the winter, think of us, we will winterize for you, shrink wrap, and if you want to store it here at the park in dry storage, we will even put it away for you, then next summer let us know when you are ready and we can pull it from storage, unwrap it, and give it a pre season operational check.
This way you know you are ready to go.  We service and maintain your equipment as if it were our own, and we are pretty particular about our equipment, because that is what feeds our kids!


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